Monday, September 27, 2010

Apparently, I'm a d8

I am a d8

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saga Of Crystar issue one


Crystar was a fantasy series created and published by Marvel comics way back in 1983. There was a tie-in line of toys from Remco that I found to be interesting due to the fact that figures (with the exception of the two that molded to be mounted on the dragons that they came with) had bendable knees, adding some extra poesability. Anyway, I had an issue back in the day, and decided to get the whole series off of ebay.

The first issue is unusual for its time. It's a extended length issue that originally sold for $2 in a time when most comics went for 60-75 cents for regular length issues, and $1-$1.25 for longer books. The painted cover is also out of the ordinary, but not too much so.

The series is set in the world of Crystallium, where a lengthy war between Order and Chaos has just ended, through the actions of the wizard Ogeode (names in this series, at least those of many of the major players have some sort of punny connection to rocks and gemstones) and his giant magic crystal that drove away the forces of Chaos.

Crystallium is currently ruled by the two princes Crystar and Moltar, with some advisement from their uncle Feldspar. They are visited one evening by a hooded stranger who tells them that Chaos' curse is about to befall them. The stranger is none other than the aforementioned Ogeode, who promptly tells them that he can't do anything about it right now because winning the war took most of his strength. However, if things do get too hairy, he'll try to pull something off.

Shortly afterward, the princes are visited by another wizard by the name of Zardeth who wants to know if they'll join him and his forces of Chaos in a coming 'struggle'. Having been forewarned by Ogeode, they turn him down saying they just finished with one war, and have no interest in another. Zardeth gives them an ultimatum, and then walks away.

However, one of the guards, a fellow by the name of Warbow, sneaks out after the wizard. Zardeth spots him easily, and this leads to the two of them inflicting eye injuries on each other.

The princes meanwhile are arguing as whether or not to side with Zardeth or not, as he had threatened their subjects. Feldspar tries to calm Moltar down, as he's pretty soused at this point.
Moltar has none of this and knocks out Feldspar and stabs Crystar with a table knife.

Declaring himself King, Moltar, tries to sell the people on this while Crystar's gold-digging fiance Lavour decides to side with him because she wants the power that comes with the throne.

Elsewhere three guards loyal to Crystar-- Stalax, Koth and Kalibar, with the aid of Lavour's servant Ambara have secreted the prince and his uncle away, given them some first aid and wonder what to do next.

Ogeode drops in from out of nowhere, bringing his giant magic crystal with him. He gestures Crystar to his feet, and the prince walks into the crystal.

Meanwhile, Moltar and his followers are driven away by a rain of crystal shards. They flee to where Zardeth said he would meet with the princes and the wizard throws them into a volcano, turning them into magma men.

The newly-minted lava men are given thematic weapons and dragons and are sent off to collect Ogeode's head.

Crystar uses this dramatic moment to walk out of the magic crystal, but as Moltar and his ilk became magma men, Crystar is now a crystal man. The guards three decide that they want to be big damn heroes and promptly walk into the magic crystal.

The Lava Men invade shortly thereafter, Crystar and this trio hold them off for awhile until Stalax falls. Things look bad for our heroes until a well-placed crossbow bolt disarms Moltar, saving Crystar. The tide turns, and the lave men flee.

Feldspar shows up sporting a new body that's half crystal and half magma, saying that it's way to show his neutrality in this war.

Ambara is thanked by Crystar, and she responds by falling into his arms. Nearby, Warbow looks on and since he'd been shown earlier to be sweet on her, is hurt by all this.

There's an ad for the toys, and the back cover is a preview of the next issue, promising the appearance of a new character named Ika.

It's a fairly solid start for the series, and it'll be interesting to see where it leads.